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No-frills Epic tyranid trygon

Epic-scale tyranid miniatures are notoriously hard to get hold of, and it can also be difficult to find suitable proxies for some of the creatures; although Epic nid players find that the tyranid range for 40K is a good source of bits and pieces for converting assault spawn and biotitans. I thought I'd lend a hand by showing how I'd carry out some of these conversions.

Vermis' sculpting list.

Stuff I want or plan to sculpt, in rough order of priority for each scale, if anyone's interested. If you are, seek help.

Hasslefree Road Shark (WIP)
Heresy Robodog (WIP)

Notes on Epoxy Putty

On some forums I regularly see members who are curious about learning to sculpt and the materials needed, particularly epoxy putty. Having had some experience with different types of putty, I usually pipe up, and usually with the same long description; so I decided to post it all here

Like a hole in the head. And... a head.

Let's see how this blog thing goes. Ta for the space, Big Cheese!


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