Bright Light

Okay, I don't count my other lighting project a success. It had a lot of benefits, but it just wasn't as bright as I was hoping it would be. So I found other lights to use:
Portable LED Photography Photo Studio Light Kit from Amazon:

Of course, the problem with these was that they were just too direct. They needed diffusion. So I made a couple of handy diffusers for them!
I started with another pair of those handy frozen food containers, washed them off thoroughly, and painted the insides bright silver (after priming them white):
diffuser step 1
I noticed that the screws holding the lens onto the lamp's case was steel, so I thought a magnet would be a great way to attach the diffusers. After I cut holes into the containers to fit the light lens, I glued rare earth magnets to line up with the lamp's case screws:
diffuser step 2
Finally, I glued opaque white material to the container to finish the diffuser:
diffuser step 3
I'll take some comparison pictures over the weekend.