Workbench, February 24, 2007

Here's what I'm working on...

The first is the delightful Yeti by Kenzer/Hackmaster. He's for my Snow Troll collection.
Next up is the really cool Vin B. Ruddock by Heresy. This is a great sculpt, and it'll kill you with his coffee cup!
Next is my Zombie Thrud. This is one of the Paul Muller Heresy Zombies, and I'm heavily modifying him to look more like Thrud. He's finished now, so look for him in my monsters gallery. The final four are intended for my Alien competition entry. I gave up on the diorama, and I now have all four finished: two Heresy/Spyglass Demonic Wretches, sculpted by Steve Buddle, Stalks the Pirate sculpted by Mike "Carcharoth" Thorpe, and the Black Scorpion Alien.

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