Workbench, June 12, 2005

My workbench for the week of June 12, 2005. Here we see good old Heresy Miniatures original Mullet the Barbarian and Ral Partha's Zoid, the Pinhead Barbarian.
I have a couple of other Mullets here, both my Fantasy Football conversion of the original Mullet (seen here), and Heresy's Mullet Makeover. This is my attempt to go back and improve one of my earliest paintjobs by giving old Mullet a go with my current skill set. The funny white blotches are to be my attempt at source lighting, and you can see I'm trying to map out the reflective glare on the flat of the sword.
Next up is Zoid, the Pinhead Barbarian. He's going into my Thrud Museum, simply because he's so blatantly not Thrud.
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