Chipped and Rusty Armor

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Oh . . . Hi all

When I did my old warrior (See CMoN gallery if I get my sig sorted) I was asked if I could do a step by step to the chipped effect, so when I did Typhus I took a little time out get some pics of the process as it was going along. Then when I did the step by step for that I was asked about the rust on the scyth blade, so I did a step by step for that as well when I got to the left shoulder.

Hope you find it useful
The chipping can be a bit arduous
But the rust is really quite easy

The idea is that you use a small piece of foam (Probably from the blister pack the figure came in) to apply a random weathering effect on to the armour of a figure. The pictures here are from Typhus which is a GW 40k Nurgle guy in large terminator armour. The worn armour and rust should fit well with the idea of decay and disease that goes with Nurgle.

[b]Step one[/b]
Paint and shade your armour
A nice light colour will work better

[b]Step two[/b]
Fix a small piece of foam on the end of a cocktail stick
This is then dabbed in some dark un-thinned paint
I used a mix of "Greman Camo Black Brown" and "Chaos Black"
Dab this on a piecce of paper to remove any excess, until you get a pattern you are happy with
Then carefully apply so as not to mess up the bit already painted (DOH :!: :!: )

[b]Step three[/b]
Go round and adjust any of the markings with a good old brush
Handy where you have four or five tiny specs that just don't quite work

[b]Step four[/b]
Probably optional
I went and touched up the larger chipped areas with a gun-metal type metallic
And then dulled them back down again with dark reddish black brown

[b]Step five[/b]
The final touch, lightening the edges
As I had highlighted the armour up to a pale sand I did this with an ivory which is a bit lighter
You don't have to do all the sides of a chip
Just enough to give it a 3D effect

Then apply any additional weathering

This is done through the use of several careful washes/glazes over metallic metals.
The initial washes are very dark browns, almost black
You then add some red to this to start giving it a bit of colour
Once that is done, you can start to add orange
The final placements being pure orange (For a very rusted look)
Then some small touches to add some metallic shine back in

[b]Step One:[/b]
Have to paint that metallic in first
These were done in GW: Boltgun Metal over a white undercoat
Probably fairly similar to silver over a black undercoat
Here is Typhus's shoulder

[b]Step Two:[/b]
Initial darkening
I did this with Vallejo: German Cammo Black Brown

[b]Step Three:[/b]
Adding some colour
This was done by adding Vallejo: Black Red to the mix

[b]Step Four:[/b]
With the main rusted areas darkened it's time to start adding some orange
The next few step add brighter and brighter orange to smaller areas
At this point the mix is about 1/3 rd Vallejo: Bright Orange

Then 2/3 rds

Almost completely Bright Orange

[b]Step Five:[/b]
Re-touch the upper metal areas for a bit of metallic shine
This was done with gun-metal and then silver