DOD 2008

yay.... i finally finished my DOD and thought i'd write my first blog on here.

well.... don't know what to write really, so here are the pictures.... even more pics in my gallery.

just glad i've finished, now i can move on to other projects.




Great work, Grekwood :D That does indeed look really very good! Your painting seems a lot better than it has in the past, and the Stargate itself is really very good.

Thanks keeper, it's all uploaded now to the FOD :)


That really is rather nice! Very impressive.

A couple of your shots could have done with a smaller aperture (higher f/number). Ideally you want the background blurry but all the figures in focus. I'm particularly thinking of the diagonal shot you took at f/4.

After you take a shot use the review and zoom display on your camera to check depth of field.

Best of luck in DOD


Hi Phil
Thanks for your comment..... yeah, i had a lot of trouble with photos, i took 120 something, and it took me all afternoon lol,
still getting use to it. This was the first time i had used my new light which i bought last week. so i didn't use the flash for once.
on these i just used the auto setting and macro setting on my camera without playing around with apature etc i wasn't brave enough.... trouble is like you say i couldn't always get it to focus right. Didn't use my light tent, which may have helped. what i have noticed is most pictures seem ok in the view finder but when uploaded to the PC they don't look so good.

The lighting is actually very good -it is only our old adversary depth of field on one or two that lets them down.

May I suggest once again that you use Aperture Priority setting rather than Auto and Macro?


yeah i need to work on that, i've just really figured out how the auto setting works so i've yet to play around with the aperture settings, but i agree, thats the thing i need to work on.


If only there was some kind of tutorial written by someone with the same camera as you.... :)

lol, yeah i keep meaning to read it again, now i know a bit more about my camera :)