WIP W&N flow improver

hello everyone, i was going to post this on the FOD but the site has gone down.

Anyway, i've been trying to paint again, i think i'm getting the hang of it now, so i've got some new WIP shots. Due to the advice i was given on the FOD i bought some Flow improver, and i think it's doing the trick, my painting is much smoother.




also i've been trying to improve some stuff i started months back, so heres one i've been touching up



I saw those going up earlier today, and I noticed a distinct improvement. :)

Next thing you know, you'll be craving more and going for a wet palette!

i'm already using a wet palette, used one for the first time on my dod, so this was about the third time i've used one, but it was the first time i've used the flow improver :)


I use:

1 part liquitex flow aid
1 part liquitex retarder
2 parts distilled water

I keep it in a squirt bottle on my painting table. I keep the screw on caps from soda pop bottles and fill these caps with that water mixture. You see, that mixture dries out after a while, so when the cap is useless, I chuck it in the recycling bin.

Do you have a brush tub? http://www.dickblick.com/zz069/34/ it is awesome for washing brushes while painting, and the lid makes a great wet palette.

Very nice work Gareth - you're definately improving your painting! :D

At the moment i'm using...
W&N flow improver (same stuff as keeper)
Welsh Tap Water
an old plastic tray (turned in to a wet palette)
an old spray can lid filled with water for cleaning my brush

my method at the moment 1 part paint to about 3 water and a tiny bit of the flow stuff, i just dip my brush in it then mix the paint on the palette. i'm sure keeper said he does the same...

premixing a water flow aid solution would be a good idea, i'll have to get a pot and premix some.... as for brush cleaning pot, that one linked to looks quite good :)


Yeah - that is pretty much what I'm doing, except for the fact I'm using the superior quality Yorkshire Tap Water ;)

I'd not picked up on the fact that cheddar said he pre-mixes. That's a really good idea, and I've got some little pots that would be ideal for it, kindly supplied by an Mr U. Phil of London!

I don't use a wet palette, though - just an old Epic blister pack. Perhaps I get through more paint that I should that way. What is the advantage of using a wet palette, for you chaps that use one?

basically you can mix your paints on the wet palette and it will stay workable for days, as long as a week. So if you mixed just the right color, there's not as much as a rush.

That sounds good. Now for the dumb question ... what exactly is a wet palette? And why doesn't it dry out?

I tried searching the web, but it seems that everything I found already assumed you know what one is!

try http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=110635

a wet palette just slows the down the rate that the paint drys, meaning that its useable for a lot longer, but it drys out after a few hours... well mine does.

it helps extend the time i have to paint, before the paint would just dry out within minutes.

mine is just and old tray, then i put a tiny drop of water in in it, then place some kitchen paper into the tray, it soaks p the water and becomes very damp, then a piece of grease proof paper is placed on top with the shiny side facing up, then just mix your paint on that as you would on an old lid or something.

hope that helps :)

Thanks Grek. I might give that a go - although I don't really have a problem with paint drying before I've finished using it - I usually have the problem of not mixing up enough in the first place and having to mix some more! :)

Sorry Dave! :scratch

Yeah, what he said. I use the wet palette that comes with the brush tub I've linked to above. The nice thing is that it has a cover that seals it really well after painting sessions, so I get lots of use out of it between cleanings.

Just be sure to put a drop of vinegar in your water to keep mold from growing.

A shallow plastic food container works well, too, with a sponge, and some absorbent yet strong paper that wicks the moisture from the sponge to keep the paint wet from underneath, but doesn't puddle. I hear parchment paper works well for that. I use the acrylic paper that is developed specifically for this use. As my palette is half size, I cut the pages in half, and the pack is lasting a very long time.

Here's a link to a wet palette and the sponge and paper I use: [url=http://www.dickblick.com/zz030/08/]Handy Palette[/url]

I was just thinking I've got a small, strong food container with a sealable lib sat in the back garage that would be ideal for this. I think I'll give it a go tomorrow, as I'm off out wargaming tonight!