Terminator from White Dwarf 345

This is how I've painted the Terminator included with my copy of White Dwarf 345. A member of the Marines Errant chapter.

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You comments, criticism and general derission of my ability to paint are both invited and welcome :icon_smile:



As a follow up to yesterday's Terminator the Ork Nob, that also came with the magazine.

I couldn't quite get the lighting right. It is probably something really stupid, but I can't figure it out - maybe Uncle Phil could offer me a pointer?! :)

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Comments and criticism are still invited ... :)

Is this what you wanted it to look like? :angel:


wrt the photo, I think you've done what I often do. Because you look down on a model you tend not to notice how much the lower part is in shadow. You need to make sure one of your lights is quite low and near horizontal or bouncing the light off the surface in front.

On the Terminator -very nice, but possibly make the left shoulder symbol at bit less uniform. These bits were supposed to be stone so I either use stone painting or skeleton painting techniques -basically paint, ink, then drybrush

[quote=uncle phil]Is this what you wanted it to look like? :angel:

Nope - mine definately has white hair! :) You Nob is still pretty nice, though, if you'll excuse the turn of phrase!

How did you do the rust on your Nob? I'm pretty pleased with mine, even though you can't relaly see it, yet, which i did with metal drybrushed over black, washed with the thinned Vermin Brown + white and then drybrushed with metal again.

Anyway, I've got some better pics of my ork, so as soon as I get them off the camera I'll upload them!

I know what you mean about the crux terminatis - but I want to have it look a little like it had a final finish of metal applied over the top of the stone to make it fit in better with the rest of the colour scheme of the Marines Errant - like it had been gold plated, or something like that. It is a little bit flat is a it just one base colour (brown+gold) and one highlight (gold), IIRC. I might try re-photographing the Terminator to see if I can get some more light on it, like I have with the ork.

The rust effect wasn't really supposed to be that big a feature, so this was done by my usual quick and dirty method of brushing it with GW Tinned Bitz. Base colour was GW Boltgun metal or (more likely) MP Chainmail (not to be confused with the lighter GW paint of the same name).

For a more metallic look to the Crux I'd either lightly drybrush with GW Mithril Silver or MP Gold. Of the several gold paints I have the MP is the best for light dustings, drybrushing and so on. If you look at my Chaplain figures that is what I've used to do the gold eagles -black undercoat, brushing of GW Brazen Brass and then MP Gold.

I'll have to try and get some MP Gold. I'm pretty sure I've seen the MP paints in my local game shop. I'll have a look next time I'm in there!

If not, let me know -or ask Caeberan. Many colours of their range are "must haves". Chainmail replaces Boltgun metal, but is considerably cheaper. Gold is good. Pale flesh -near useless for flesh but great for teeth and anything that needs a cream colour a shade lighter than Bleached bone. Blue Steel -ideal for judge's guns. Leather Brown -very useful. Grass Green -ideal for highlighting Goblins. Dark Green -excellent Orc skin colour. White and Black Primer -just really useful.