VSF Aeronef from Scrap

Following a conversation with my sister over a dead night light, there was a bit of general disbelief in my family that that surely I couldn't think of something gaming to make out of any old rubbish, and being the mildly competitive type I have just finished my VSF British Scout Aeronef.

Not nearly as good as a lot of the other excellent Aeronefs you can find on other parts of the internet, I'm pretty pleased with her, nevertheless.

The hull is clearly formed from most of the night light. I took out two of the power prongs from the plug, leaving the upper one to support the control panel, which i made from a little blue styrene foam and a piece of plasticard. The deck is cut out from the sewing stuff you can get in craft shops (no idea what its called, sorry, but it is a square plastic mesh) and the flag is made in Paint Shop Pro and glued to a simple piece of wire. Finally, rivets are made with PVA glue.


Commissioned by the Royal Naval Aeronef Service, HMAS Moth is currently on detachment to Her Majesty's B.E.S.T until such time as I paint some naval types to crew her!


Your C&C are most welcome! :)



Very nice. Needs a Nordenfeld or Gatling at the bow to round it off perhaps, although a maxim might be easier to build.

I looked at mounting a gun on the front, but it just took up too much space :(

For the same reason I also avoided railings and a smokestack and coal hopper on the back.

I might make a gun that would slot into the grating on the deck - that might work.

The concept I had in my head was something like a VSF version of a Skiff from Star Wars.