Oh the joys of site maintenance!

Okay, I tried to migrate the site software version up from the current version that is no longer supported, and it didn't work. Fortunately, I kept backups and worked off of copies. I even learned that my backup setup can use some modification as well. But as of this morning it looks like everything is back up and functional, so I'll keep plugging along.
To add to the complexity, the gallery is actually a different software from the rest of the site, but it is embedded and integrated, so my biggest concerns are breaking that integration. So far it seems pretty solid.
My assumption is that I'll need to keep the links intact so that if folks linked to the pictures or whatever that those links don't break.
Years ago when I created this site, I made a dumb design choice by placing it in the "prod" subdirectory. I also allowed access to the non-embedded verson of the gallery because I wasn't confident in the site. So I'll just keep that how it is.
Alrightee, I'm gonna enjoy my day job then hit this upgrade problem again later.
See ya on the other side!!


Okay, my full site backup took a bit longer than I expected, so I'll work on the upgrade today. :shamble

We're up and running, and on the new software version! Lookout!! :cm

well, the site crapped out for some reason.  I think I fixed it, so please try again!!

I think I got the Gallery image inserter working, woohoo!!

Marr the Mighty