Painting Marine Paudrons

        Sometimes the simplest shapes turn out to be difficult to paint because the margin of error is so small. In the [url=]last blog[/url] I mentioned that the Kren chapter insignia could be difficult to paint on pauldrons. Last night a new way of doing this occurred to me so I tried it out.


        Firstly, get a fine brush and some white paint. Estimate the vertical centreline of the paudron and paint a fine white vertical line.

        Paint a horizontal line where you estimate the vertical midpoint of the paudron is. You now have a white cross painted on the paudron.

        Paint a 45° oblique line so that it passes through the centre of the cross. Extend this line so that it reaches the edges of the paudron.

        Using a larger brush, paint the area above the line white. Once this is dry paint the area beneath the line red.

        The result is a reasonably neat and minimal effort “argent and gules, party per bend, sinister”.

        This simple technique can be adapted to painting other simple designs on difficult surfaces.