Another Blood Bowl game

Thought I'd add my match report:

The latest instalment of matches in the LBBL season took place on a hot, muggy day at the Aristocrats adopted stadium. Fans were treated to two games of very different styles but equal entertainment. The Corsairs took on the Juggernauts alongside the feature game of the Aristocrats versus the Reavers.

The Aristocrats fans made up almost half of the crowd, but the Reavers fans were in good voice. The home team won the toss and elected to recieve. A quick snap from the Aristocrats found them making progress up the field, and with ball in hand they looked comfortable.
The reavers were taken by surprise and spent time adjusting to the game. The Aristocrats took advantage and started to forge their way down the left side. The Reavers were still struggling to get into the game but some good blocking saw an opponent taking a trip to the dugout. Ogre Jakub worked his way clear to the ball carrier and also sent him off hurt. With the ball loose the first half looked to be going the Ogres way.
The boys from Altdorf had to pick up the ball but in blocking a snotling only managed to displace it further from their grasp. The Reavers also failed to pick up but had the ball covered. Elsewhere the ogres were doing a good job of removing opponents from the field.
More blocking from the Aristocrats dislodged the ball straight through Jakubs arms and into their possesion. With the ball in hand and players in position to head for the endzone it was looking good for the humans. A misplaced pass saw the Reavers with a chance to pick up but didnt have enough time in the half to score. The ogres had managed to remove three players for the game but the four in the KO bin made it back to the pitch after the attention of the bloodweiser babes.

The second half began with an average kick from the humans. Reavers ball carrier Dana moved and failed to pick up, but with the line secure the Reavers felt safe leaving the ball on the floor. A dodging human fell flat allowing Dana to try again, and he promptly failed. The ball still looked safe but the Aristocrats forced a hole through rookie Tomas and got tackle zones on the ball. Some good blocking allowed Dana an attempt at a pick up but he again failed leaving the humans a fairly easy pick up to score.

The following kick off saw the ball centre field and Zdenek throwing a block and knocking himself flat. The humans poured through the hole and put pressure on Dana again to pick up. He failed again and the Aristocrats made it 2-0.
The Reavers attempted a TTM but it was far to ambitious and the game ended.

As always playing ogres it was frustrating. I've come to terms with the bonehead but the failed pick ups are not fun, expecially as theyve cost me in recent games with both teams.
The second failed pick up of the second half should have been re-rolled but i felt fairly safe, and with only 2 i made the wrong decision which cost me a score and probably the game.
Rob played well and the 2 bloodweiser babes really helped him as he would probably have had to play with very reduced numbers. I was pretty happy with the casualty and KO count

Dana got the MVP (despite his useless picking up) and managed to get another AG increase, so hopefully with AG4 he wont struggle to pick up anymore. I also bought a 3rd re-roll .

Bring on the next game

The other game saw the Juggernauts(humans) win 2-1 against the Corsairs (Dark elves). The humans pulled out a last turn TD to secure the win.

Always good to get a game in :)



Sounds like it was a good game :) My Ogre team will be facing Humans when we next play, and I'm not looking forward to it! You've only re-enforced that fear, snailracer ;)