Blood Bowl: Humans vs Ogres

Another game of Blood Bowl :)
Headed over to Southampton to play a game and take advantage of the nice weather. Had a good pub lunch then went out onto the common to throw an american football around before heading back to play BB. It was a very good way to get a game in without being indoors too much on a lovely day.

Anyway, enough rambling, here's the match report:

Today saw the Hornets take on the Reavers in a double header with the Saints and the Dougnuts. The Saints hosted the two games and fans couldnt have been happier with the facilities; many of them taking the chance to sample excellent food and throw a pigskin around on the local green. Local law enforcement officers were called in when some Reavers fans got a bit too excited and started throwing the Dougnuts fans around but otherwise there was little incident.

With the fans well fed and watered (!) the stadium filled up and the teams took the field. The Reavers fans were in far better voice than the Hornets fans, and got even louder when the Reavers won the toss and elected to recieve.

The kick was deliberately high and wobbly as the Hornets Blitzed. A snotling was downed but otherwise the Reavers line held. The ball came down almost on the halfway line, on the Reavers right side, and bounced towards the ogres. Dana moved in and secured possesion as the Ogres set about trying to clear a path downfield. The Hornets ogre did a very good job of holding the centre as the Reavers swung left and into the humans half. Ogre Tomas held four Hornets up on the right side allowing the rest of the Reavers to push further. Some great defensive movement from the humans slowed the ogres and started to string out the attack. With his support getting waylaid and only a quarter of the first half left Dana made a break for the endzone but failed to dodge the defender in his way (1, re-roll, 1. Damn it.).

The ball was loose and the Hornets had just enough time left to pick up and throw the ball downfield to walk the score in just before the half ended.

The Reavers fans having sensed the first TD in 4 games were left feeling low by their teams lack of scoring ability. With the Hornets now recieving the ball it wasnt looking good. The kick was good and landed centre field, and taking a tip from the humans the ogres blitzed. Miklos was thoroughly confused by the play and only sprang into action with some serious shouting from the sideline (failed bonehead, loving the extra reroll). The ogres moved up and the sight of the large blue line was obviously off putting for the Hornets thrower as he failed to pick up. Seeing a gap the newly clued in Miklos headed downfield but fumbled the ball. The Hornets ogre was inspired and threw a block; unfortunately he knocked himself flat and allowed Miklos a second chance. The ball was picked up and he strolled in for his first ever TD.

At one all, and three quarters of the half remaining, the fans were starting to cheer. The Reavers kick off was aimed deep left but was still easily recoverable. The Hornets thrower again failed to pick up as the Reavers pressed forward. With the ball on the floor and the ogres pressing a Hornets blitzer took it on himself to dodge out and secure it (AG4 guy). The ogres and humans traded blows on the LOS until an unfortunate lineman poleaxed himself and allowed Jakob to blitz the ball carrier. The ball carrier was pushed back but things didnt look good with three ogres bearing down. The Hornets ogre was doing a very good job of holding Dana and Miklos up on the right flank, leaving ogre Tomas centre field alone and confused. The gap left by Tomas gave the Hornets the space they needed and they headed downfield. Seeing humans run past him sparked Tomas into life and he quickly recovered and suceeded in blitzing the ball free. A lucky bounce took the ball into a snotlings hands. The snot dodged out and headed forward, leaping into Zdeneks arms. The ogre, acting on reflex, flung the little guy downfield. The throw was short, which allowed the snot to land on his feet; unfortunately this left him and the ball far too close to the Hornets players. The Hornets responded and the snot found himself pummeled into the dirt. The ball ended up on the floor but the blitzer failed to pick it up. Dana responded quickly, dodging away from the Hornets ogre and picking up the ball. With time running out he had to go for it but tripped as he rounded the blitzer.
The Hornets didnt need a second chance to recover and quickly moved the ball downfield, but it was too late and the game ended.

The game was good and both Pete and I had some bad luck. I think the draw was about fair, we both should have scored whilst in possesion but had to rely on mistakes from the opponent.
Tomas got an upgrade so I know have 4 Guards.

In the other game the depleted Saints (had 5 players MNG) managed to pull out a 3-1 victory over the Halflings. The Halflings now have a very nasty ST3 Block little guy! :)

Roll on the next weekend