Godri's Christmas (G)Rumble

We decided to hold a fun Blood Bowl tournament over the christmas break, hosted by one of our dwarf teams. It was designed to be a bit of fun so was limited to 5 turn halves and had a few special rules; the weather table was changed to 1-2 Nice, 3-4 Pouring rain, 5-6, Blizzard and every team had a henikon babe to revive KO'd player 3-6 The Henikon revives the player and he may return to play as normal, 2 the player remains KO'd, 1 totally inebriated, the player is out for the rest of the game.

Six teams took part, split into 2 groups by a random draw. Group 1 was; my ogres, a rookie lizardman team, and the dwarf hosts. Groups 2 was; A rookie dark elf team, a rookie Norse team, and a Human team.

Group 1 was won by the Dwarf team who beat both teams 1-0. The lizardmen came second owing to outscoring the ogres on casualties (1-0 :( ) after a 0-0 draw.

Group 2 was won by the humans who beat both teams 1-0. Second place went to the Norse who proved to be incredibly brutal and had reduced the dark elves to 8 within the first turn, despite the assasins best attempts (he put the snow troll out with the very first block).

The final was to be Dwarves vs Humans, with 3rd/4th being played between Lizardmen and Norse, and the wooden spoon decided between dark elves and ogres.

The Dwarves ran (plodded) out 1-0 winners with the help of their newly acquired deathroller, to win their home tournament (cries of 'it's a fix' fell on deaf ears).

The Norse continued their brutality by removing almost half of the lizardmen and easily running in 2 TD's. Definitely a team to watch in the coming season (mainly because they start with so many skills).

And finally the most important game. The ogres pulled off a 2-1 win over the dark elves thanks mainly to a newly AG4 snotling who actually managed to land on his feet when thrown and not just crumple and die. This little snotling is now my most treasured player and will probably die next game.

Special mention must go to the Dark elf assasin who caused 7 casualties in 3 games, the most notable being the norse snow troll. Thankfully he doesnt gain SPP's for these casualties otherwise he'd be even more lethal.

A good fun tournament that took most of a day (10-6) but was well worth the effort. We're planning another one to be hosted by the lizardman team mid season (scorching heat etc) should be fun :)



Sounds like it was fun :)

Don't worry about the AG4 snotling, though, they die so easily - except for my AV4 snotling which I can't seem to get killed no matter how hard I try!

I now have a AV3 snot who will be used as blocking fodder. The AG4 guy will only be used on offence, and only when i think i can score :)