Orks and BB

Well I've had a bad couple of weeks but this weekend has certainly cheered me up. I'm unable to paint owing to my hand still being bandaged but hopefully that will change when the stitches come out on wednesday. I don't think missing the top of my litle finger will have much affect on my painting so it's not too bad.

Onto the weekend: we had two days of games starting 10 am saturday with 3 games of blood bowl. My ogres lost 2-1 to a human team, a human team beat Halflings 4-0, and two human teams fought each other to 2-2. After lunch we went to the park to play 3 on 3 touch american football. My team won 3-0 after about an hours play. I even managed a one handed interception for a score :) (I think thats 5 star player points for me!).

After lunch we had two more games of BB. My ogres lost 2-1 to the halflings (annoyingly had an ogre MNG after the first game and just couldnt pass a bonehead roll). The other game was humans vs humans and the underdog pulled out a 3-1 win.

The evening passed with BBQ, beers, and football. We then played Munchkin until gone midnight. I'd never played it but its quite an amusing card based game in a comedy D&D style.

Sunday morning we squeezed another round of BB in with my Orcs this time facing another orc team and managing to hold on for a draw. The halflings took on wood elves and lost 4-0.
We then had a go on Wii olympics, which was really good fun but I suck at it (give me a ball and a field anyday).

It was a really good weekend and great to break up the gaming with some other activity as it can get intense at times. Thoroughly recommend it.

Today owing to the fact that I'm off work I thought I'd finally photograph my Ork army:


Cheers for reading