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Two Useful Tools for A Painter.

        Over the years of writing this blog I have tried to pass on ideas to other painters. I have recommended paints and alternate sources for brushes. I have promoted the three colour undercoat method. Technique pages include articles on lip and eye painting, dry-brushing and black-inking. Probably my most popular article is my account of how I photograph miniatures.

        A while back I wrote about my collection of sculpting tools. I was using the pergamano tools just yesterday and can only reiterate my recommendation of these. They really are very useful! There are two more “tools” that get used fairly often and are somewhat unconventional.

        The first is this item, which I picked up at the local 99p store.

        It may look like a drive belt but it is in fact a jar and bottle opener. Tamiya and MP paint pots have screw caps that can often prove “stubborn”. This tool is a great persuader! If a lid really does not want to come off, hold the pot upside-down under a running hot tap.

        The second item is used less often, but very useful when it is needed. This device is a “latte frother” sold by Ikea. A quick scan of the web indicates that items like this can currently be brought for £3 to £10. When a paint needs extra mixing this is the tool for the job. The spring-end will fit in Tamiya, MP and old GW paint pots. I may have used it in the pots favoured by P3, CdA, WGF etc. Many paints that looked like they were past use have been rejuvenated by use of this device, so it has already paid for itself.

        If you have enjoyed this article or it has been helpful to you please feel free to show your appreciation. Thank you.


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