Camera Woo-hoo and the Saga of Cop Girl

Not surprisinly I spent part of this weekend playing with the new camera.

Before it began to malfunction the old camera did take some quite good pictures. The only real problem was with groups of models where the depth of field wasn't sufficient to keep all of them in focus.

The new SLR is just amazing. Cost about twice as much as the old camera but about ten times better. It's been taking some very nice images, even in the hands of myself, who knows very little about photography. One of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can play with all the settings and take numerous photos without wasting time or money waiting to see the results.

Unlike before most of the images I've taken with this camera have needed no enhancement with photoshop. I'm only using the software to crop the images.

Those of you on the Forum of Doom may have followed the saga of my Golden Chef entry. This is the first painting competition I'd ever entered and also the first ever Black Scorpion miniature that I'd painted. I had intended to paint a pirate as a dandy highwayman but instead choose the desolation row cop girl.

Things were going well. I was mainly working on the figure at weekends so I could use the natural light. Using a combination of diluted dwarf flesh over elf gave me some very nice realistic mottled skin tones. I was even adding such details as applying a bit of rouge to her cheeks and was really enjoying taking so much time on a figure.

Then came time to ink her. Sometimes ink does weird things and forms into mottled patches with dark borders. This was one of those times and it chose my competition entry to do this to. Just to make things really insulting two dwarves that I inked with the same batch of ink at the same time inked perfectly.
All those subtile skin tones ruined, and not enough time to fix them. I did the best I could, then attempted to photograph the figure a couple of days before the closing date. That is when my camera chose to go wrong!
I had to photoshop the images to remove all the interferance lines but lost some clarity. Also found when sending the images (which was not without incident itself) that some of the better versions I'd left at home.

Only good point in the saga is that Adam of BS had a few broadband problems of his own so extended the deadline till today, so I've been able to send some new photos taken with the new camera

Cop Girl can be found in the Street People Album while the new dwarves can be seen in the Cutthroats and Adventurers Album.