GIMP Seascape

Something a bit different this week.

Brought myself a Graphics Tablet (Wacom Bamboo Fun A5, for those interested), and this is my first attempt playing around with some free software called GIMP.


Perspective may be off a bit, but this was mainly just playing around and learning how to do things, so I'm not too bothered.

I was quite surprised at how cheaply these things can be had for! The A6 Wacom Bamboo is about £35, and since there is some good free software out there it probably isn't that much of a problem that this doesn't come with the art software my Bamboo Fun came with. Not sure I should have gone for the more expensive A5 model either. Smaller active area would have meant less hand movement to get the cursor from one side of the screen to the other!



Pretty nice, Phil :) Much better than I could ever manage, I'm quite sure - I've never been good at making 2D artwork.

But then, as a consumer of artwork, I do prefer seascapes and landscapes, anyway :)