Nutters in Hoods

Doing a little surfing and came across this site

which has some rather nice conversions of Necromunda Redemptionists into Witch Hunter Zealots.


Quite a nice idea, and I rather like the idea of hooded Zealots.

Of course, in their infinate wisdom GW no longer will sell you individual figures, and several of these don't appear to be in the current range anyhow.

So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for alternated sources of hooded figures that might be used for something similar?



First thing that springs to mind are Heresy's Dark Brethren:

Similar mix of hooded and not-hooded brothers with a suitably sinister aspect. I'm sure there are more out there. I think GZG do some evil robed chaps too.

Those were some of the first guys a websearch turned up (via a site in japan!), although your link does give a better look at the options and the figures. I think these are too evil/chaotic for zealots. A lot would depend on how easily they convert.

Well, I've got some assembled nad primed (but not painted, yet), and I seem to remember that they have separate heads, which might help a little.

Not so much the heads that concerned me. A Klan style hooded head should be fairly easy to sculpt. What I was wondering more about was how much flexibility the positioning of the arms gave me for alternate armaments, hooked poles not really fitting in with my conception of zealots.