Witchhunter hunting

Now, if I said "Witchhunter" to many of you the chances are a certain image will spring to mind. He'll probably have a tall hat, a longish coat or cloak and probably be weilding a pistol or pistol bow. This is the image of a witch hunter that GW have sold to us since at least the first edition of WHRP, if not earlier, and it doubtless draws on the Hammer Witchfinder played by Vincent Price, the Salem trials and so on.

Look at the Warhammer online pages and this image of a witchhunter is still being pushed


...and we get told
The Witch Hunter Look-
Lightly Armored, with long cloaks and coats, wide-brimmed hats and buckled tunics.
Wields off-hand pistols and main-hand rapiers, swords and torches.
Ornamented with other tools of their craft such as stakes, daggers, relics, chains and emblems of the Cult of Sigmar or the Empire.


(although I'd have thought a cutting sword more use if you are likely to encounter vampires and zombies!)

A pretty interesting sounding figure, yet the odd thing seems to be that GW doesn't offer anything like this currently. Closest we get are the WH40K Inquistitors,

..but you can't get these unless you buy a whole pack with sci-fi retinue etc.

So does anyone have any alternate ideas/sources for hatted witchhunters? Warmachine range does one I think, although the hat is a little cowboy and the multibarrel pistol not quite what I had in mind.



and I have the LE version of that 40K inquisitor, if you want it. I've found many alternatives, including Reaper Minis, Confrontation (Rackham) Minis, and I have the old GW witch hunters. I'll try to post pictures...

The LE figure would be "Gideon Lorr"? Wouldn't mind painting one of those, but still wouldn't fill my desire for a fantasy witchhunter, since I couldn't really bring myself to cut up an LE.
The reaper figure looks a little crude, but that could be the very unflattering photography style they use. It would probably need a weapon swap or two.
Probably the best I've seen is the WH40K standard figure. I like the stakes on his coat. I've probably got an alternate pistol for him and can put together a pistol crossbow. Does mean buying the box set, which gives me a load of figures I've already got.

Just for completeness, here is the Iron Kingdoms figure I mentioned.

Probably not at all what you're looking for Phil, but Ramshackle's Mr Snicketty from the set Society of Intrepid Explorers nearly fits the bill (well, you search reminded me of him, so that is nearly enough! ;))

Second from the right:


Link to set (£5 for all 4):

He used to be available separately. An email to Curtis might help.

Only thing is, I think he is a resin piece, and I can't remember how you fell about resin, Phil.

I really must get some of my Ramshackle minis painted!

He looks more like someone a witchhunter should hunt! -but interesting, none the less, and I rather like the figure on the far left. Could serve as either a general or an aristocrat.

I've only done three resin figures so far (all gladiators), and a few resin vehicles. Main problem I had was the weapons and a couple of other bits were incredibly fragile. Now I know that I can compensate by undercoating with enamel paint.


Actually, that is one of the things I like about the Ramshackle stuff. There aren't many sticking out bits, they're just solid blocks of resin, but they still look great!

There is even a free damsel in distress, you can add to your cart, when you make an order!

I was thinking of using the guy on the left for a Dark Heresy character. A little bit of greenstuff and I'm sure I could make that cloak clasp into an inquisitorial capitol I

That figure could be used for so many things. Imperial Admiral, Guard General, Cavalry Colonel, Inquisitor, Rogue Trader, Prussian Junker etc, etc

Obviously it is in the interests of small mini manufacturers to create figures that are distinctive but versatile in their applications -which is why I've suggested "dudes in robes" for so many years.



Nice conversion, Phil :)

I don't know if your paints are getting a bit thick again, as the paintwork looks a little heavier than your other recent Judge Dredd uploads.