How to make Sontargrymn

Hi all
Some people may have seen or heard about the sontargrymn, enemies of Dr Hugh ;)


Weathering Vehicles.

My basic routine is:-

Paint your vehicle and admire your handywork for a few minutes, since you are about to muck up that nice paint job you spent so long on.

Vehicles and Vikings

Oh boy!

57 newly uploaded photos! That is a record for me.

The Camera is Back!

....which is just as well since I have a bit of a backlog to photograph.

Firstly, as a teaser, some Vikings


many more to follow soon!

Some Tyranids, quite a few Tyranids

Watch the Birdie?

Well, I can't say that at the moment, since my camera is being repaired again. As some of you know, bit of a backlogue of painted figures building up!

I came across this photo last night


Weathering Competition Entry

This is my entry to the Sheffield Irregulars monthly competition. The challenge this month was weathering, so I pulled a random blister out of the lead mountain - in this case a Shard something-or-other (I forget what) from the Vor game, now long defunct.


Armorcast Hostages

This is the pack of Armourcast Hostages, that is currently available from Hasslfree in the UK. I painted them real quick (in one evening, IIRC) last year for the warehouse hostage game I played with Combat Zone and posted about last year, but I completely forgot to take pics of the hostages at the time!

Just basic colours, a wash, and a tiny bit of highlighting and detail, followed by some protective varnish.


More Angels and Daemons

Tim of [url=]Miniature Heroes[/url] spotted a Pa Angel figure on ebay and very kindly notified me rather than bidding on it for his store, so the Angel Gang is now complete.


At the same time, I picked up a Judge Death


and I also decided to paint up some Pink and Blue Horrors


and I updated one of my photos of Hasslefree figures.


Happy Birthday Wilf!

It's [url=]Wilf's[/url] Birthday tomorrow! Two already!


1938 - A Very British Civil War

OK - these are my first squads for my 1938 British Civil War forces.



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