Witchhunters and Pirates

Some new additions to the Witchhunter warband, including a Warrior Priest


some flagellants


and some more Witchhunters


Nutters in Hoods

Doing a little surfing and came across this site

which has some rather nice conversions of Necromunda Redemptionists into Witch Hunter Zealots.

GIMP Seascape

Something a bit different this week.


Witchhunter and Angels

Thanks to Tim who runs [url=]Miniature Heroes[/url] I acquired a couple more members of the Angel Gang -Fink and Link and their hostage, the Judge Child.

1/72 Undead from Ceaser Miniatures - more fodder for the FantasyRaiders campaign!!

Some more plastic fantasy minis from Caesar Miniatures. These were as much fun to paint as the [url=]Dwarves I posted[/url] and we're also using these in the Fantasy Raiders campaign we're playing.

Angels and Devils

My camera is finally back from repair, so some photos.

Firstly, an Angel


and next, some angels of a very different sort


Songs of Blades and Heroes Fantasy Campaign

At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

Witchhunter hunting

Now, if I said "Witchhunter" to many of you the chances are a certain image will spring to mind. He'll probably have a tall hat, a longish coat or cloak and probably be weilding a pistol or pistol bow. This is the image of a witch hunter that GW have sold to us since at least the first edition of WHRP, if not earlier, and it doubtless draws on the Hammer Witchfinder played by Vincent Price, the Salem trials and so on.

Look at the Warhammer online pages and this image of a witchhunter is still being pushed


Crimson Fists

Unfortunately my camera has started playing up again so I'm going to have to ship it off for repair tomorrow, so this is likely to be my last upload for a couple of weeks.

Happy 'Nid Year

Given that we are just over the festival of gluttony I guess its appropriate that the latest upload is a bunch of Tyranids.

We have some interesting vintage metal Warriors


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