Godri's Christmas (G)Rumble

We decided to hold a fun Blood Bowl tournament over the christmas break, hosted by one of our dwarf teams. It was designed to be a bit of fun so was limited to 5 turn halves and had a few special rules; the weather table was changed to 1-2 Nice, 3-4 Pouring rain, 5-6, Blizzard and every team had a henikon babe to revive KO'd player 3-6 The Henikon revives the player and he may return to play as normal, 2 the player remains KO'd, 1 totally inebriated, the player is out for the rest of the game.


Loadsa Marines (and an Elf)

Been about two weeks since my last upload, not because I've not been painting, but because I've been working on so much I've not had time to clear the table to take photos. Table has become so full of finished models I had to photograph them now or run out of room to paint. Hence I end up photographing and uploading on christmas morning.

A quick Elf crossbowman

A Vindicare Assassin

A vintage figure painted as a Renegade

An elderly but powerful Librarian

Yet another oops

Sorry 'bout that, I attempted to do some patching on the site and screwed up the gallery.

Workbench version 5

I subscribe to the [url=]Mini-Painter Yahoo Group[/url], and a painting newbie asked about how people set up their work area for painting.

So, I figured I'd contribute.

Here's the latest version of my painting table, pardon the mess!!

[img_assist|nid=1461|title=Workbench Version Five|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=268]

Lymington Blood Bowl League Cup

Well its been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd get back into the swing with a report from our cup weekend.


Jesters and Wizards

I've finished my Death Jesters, including a conversion with Missile launcher as Keeper40 suggested.


Operation Prime Everything

Okay, here's what I decided to do. We got another pile of snow, so I know I'm working on borrowed time!

First up, my 40K army:

[img_assist|nid=1441|title=40k Primed|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=151]

To follow, some Bloodbowl and Mordheim, then some choice characters here and there.


Reclusiam Command Squad

Marine uploads today.

We have a Reclusiam Command Squad


complete with Cenobyte Servitors


and Standard Bearer


Serious Girl Power!

Some serious girl power represented in today's upload.

Firstly we have some Nuns with Guns


..and a Nun is a less aggressive mood


and some Eldar Banshees

WIP W&N flow improver

hello everyone, i was going to post this on the FOD but the site has gone down.


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