Finally a new Workbench photo

I know, it's been a while. A very long while! Well, here we go. I have some time off of work, so I dug out my paints, cleaned up my work bench, and started painting! Here's what I have in progress:

[img_assist|nid=1427|title=Week of November 23, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=283]

Quite a bit of Reaper here; Sasquatch, a chained ghost, a detective, a barber, a grave digger and his assistance, and The King by West Wind.


Archers, Gladiators and Death Jesters

Another varied band!

Firstly, some Harlequin Death Jesters


Judges, Greenskins and Solitaire

Quick upload tonight.

Firstly a new selection of GW Judges, including a Judge with bike

some Orcs

How I made my Wormhole gate


DOD 2008

yay.... i finally finished my DOD and thought i'd write my first blog on here.

well.... don't know what to write really, so here are the pictures.... even more pics in my gallery.


A slightly mad alternate Stargate universe idea.

Not very long ago I had this slighly bonkers idea about playing a Stargate style game in one of the many alternate universes that seem to
crop in the series all of the time. Before I could do that, of course, I'd need to create a "different" SGC type organisation.

I've written down some of these ideas for getting started, although they are no means complete and I'd appreciate any feedback you care give concerning any of it - even if you just tell me to give up because "that way madness lies!"

Monday night uploadiness

A varied mix of stuff tonight.


A savage orc and black orc

Some Street People

and another Ghoul shot

Painting Ghouls

[url=][b]Drybrushing[/b][/url] plays a big part in getting these guys painted.

Look at my Ghoulies!

Sometimes, although you have a big stack of stuff part painted on the table, something just cries out for you to paint it. Sometimes it is still in the packaging or in the undercoated box. So all of a sudden I finally decided how I wanted to paint my Ghouls.

So, in time for Halloween, the Ghouls


Most of these are the excellent Heresy figures, with a trio of Games Workshop figures.

Black Orcs, Big Dog and Cute Judge

Finishing the current small batch took a bit longer than I expected, but some of them are done, and as promised, an upload.


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