Terminator from White Dwarf 345

This is how I've painted the Terminator included with my copy of White Dwarf 345. A member of the Marines Errant chapter.


Epic ?

Working on quite a large item at the moment, hence the lack of recent uploads.

Woo-hoo!! I am now a published author!

OK, its not quite the same as a book, or an article in New Scientist, but it is all my work :)


Avast ye matees!

In case you're wondering why all the content looks funny, it is because today, September 19, is Talk like a Pirate day. Content will change back to normal tomorrow. Enjoy!

No-frills Epic tyranid trygon

Epic-scale tyranid miniatures are notoriously hard to get hold of, and it can also be difficult to find suitable proxies for some of the creatures; although Epic nid players find that the tyranid range for 40K is a good source of bits and pieces for converting assault spawn and biotitans. I thought I'd lend a hand by showing how I'd carry out some of these conversions.

Daemons, Scouts and Engineers

Some new stuff up.

Over in the Chaos Album I've added some of the new Heresy Daemon figures ("Blights") and I've painted up a Great Unclean One. The latter actually took less than a day!

Been a while ...

Been a while since I've been able to post anything, with a lot of my hobby time being taken up with trying to get our Blood Bowl teams finished, and I don't want to post those now, until they're compelte.

However, I have had a little side project doing some 15mm sci-fi troops. A mechanised platoon, from GZG, which I think is NAC (but could be NSL - I'm so easily confused!). Actually pretty quick to paint, and I'm really pleased with the results.


Something Old, Something New......

I've taken some more Malal Cult pictures

some new Alien photos

and added an Infantry Gun to the German Army

Is Grey Better?

Some new photos up, and notable because they are the first I've tried taking by setting the White Balance using a specially designed Grey Card. I quite like the way they look. I've not used any software on these other than to crop the pictures.

New additions to the Malal Cult in the Chaos album, including a Heresy Familiar

Some more Germans added to the German Army

Whole bunch of new Gladiator photos

and some Ninja

Spyglass Zombies

Still tweaking the settings of my returned camera. Just completed the new German Army Zombies just released by Spyglass


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