Of Monks and Mearghs

It is late at night here and I've just discovered I can get wireless in my flat, so rather than taking my latest photos into work to upload I've just done them direct.

Marines and (umm) Marines

Four new photos up today, although I must say I'm not 100% happy with the results.
Firstly we have some Deathwing Terminators.

[G2:14635 class=g2image_centered]

Workbench for the week of June 8

This week is about incremental progress... not a whole lot of work done on my painting.

[img_assist|nid=1282|title=Week of June 8, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=100|height=75]

I haven't done a whole lot on the giant, haven't touched a brush to Jadeah, but I'm just about done with the treasure monkey, and Gauntfield just needs his base finished off. I did a little work on the undertaker and his assistant, and started on Suzi.


Wolf Guard Terminators

Just a couple of photos up today. Been experimenting a little with thinner layers of paint -semi-transparent even. Oddly I've been doing this for a while with paints such as Elf Flesh but it had not occurred to me to try it with other colours
[G2:14583 class=g2image_centered]

These are the metal Wolf Guard Terminator figures, including a Rune Priest. Picked them up as a job lot on ebay at a reasonable price.

Blood Bowl: Humans vs Ogres

Another game of Blood Bowl :)


My workbench for June 1, 2008

Here's my current workbench:

[img_assist|nid=1272|title=Week of June 1, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=322]
I'm still hobbling along working on the Marauder Giant -- here I've done the flesh tones and most of the blacklining. I'm also working on the Reaper Undertaker, the treasure monkey, the female half-orc barbarian, and Gauntfield the Scarecrow.

The Black Scorpion Pirate and Ford the Cop both are taking baths in the stripping jar right now... :chased:


Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser

Only one photo added today, although I hope you enjoy it.

Noblins and Ninja

Once again, some new figures uploaded.

In the Imperial folder we have another unit of Assault Terminators -this time a unit with Thunder hammers. [G2:14218 class=g2image_centered]

Another Blood Bowl game

Thought I'd add my match report:


Works in progress

Well here are the next two pieces on my list to finish :)

The first is a 'squirrel' that I found as a present for my girlfriend as she is obsessed with Scrat from Ice Age.



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