Terminators and Chaplain

As some of you know, I rather like Terminators. I think the first edition of White Dwarf I ever saw was [url=]WD122[/url] so I suppose it has stuck in my mind that Terminators are what Marines should really look like. Given this it is possibly rather odd that very few completed Terminators have been posted in my gallery.

Workbench of May 4, 2008

Still focusing on Black Scorpion and Reaper miniatures, I got a couple of things done already. When I get their bases in order, I'll go ahead and send in pictures for the Golden Chef!


Workbench for April 27

Here's today's workbench -- I had quite a turnover lately, and turned my focus on finishing a couple of favorites on my workbench, and getting ready for the upcoming Black Scorpion contest...

[img_assist|nid=1232|title=Week of April 27, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=180]

On the workbench, we see some Black Scorpion figures; injun gal, cow gal, pirate, and intrepid woman. Also up, I'm finishing the Heresy Succubi, the Bungle Scunners, and Spyglass Kage Dar.


Space Marines

Well, it has taken me some time, but I've finially finished a squad of tactical marines for my Storm Lords Space Marine force. With the Terminator Captain I have previously painted, I only need another 100 pts or so and I'll be able to play a Patrol mission!! Oh, and I guess I'd need an opponent, too :D


Where's CheddarChat??

Okay -- here's the scoop.

I just found out that the Simplemachines Forum/Drupal integration module actually violates the SMF license, so I disabled it.

The Lady and the Librarians

Having painted my Plastic Space Hulk Librarian I decided to recontinue my efforts with my other Librarians. It seems to often be the case that painting a recent acquisition renews you interest in part-painted models that have been sitting on the shelf for months. A couple of these figures are among some of the first figures I brought when I got into the hobby a couple of years back!

Having painted what would chronologically be the oldest Librarian sculpt I decided to try and complete painting the most recent Librarian released

The site has been upgraded...

After several failed attempts, I upgraded the code of this site, as the version I was using was woefully old.

A little bit of painting

Found myself with the afternoon off so I sat down to try and get a bit further with my Golden Chef entry.


Lock up your Witches!

Rooting out evil in the blighted city of Mordheim, or wherever else it may dwell, the Witch Hunters will fervently pursue witches and unbelievers to the ends of the world.

Chipped and Rusty Armor

I swiped this article from a post on the [url=]Custom Hobby Forum.[/url]

The author can be found at:
The Basement:


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