A Blood Bowl weekend

Saturday saw the next round of league games in the Lymington Blood Bowl League.


Statue Painting

Not everyone who visits this site has access to [b]Cheddarchat[/b] so I thought it would be nice to have a Tutorial on how Keeper40k's Foo Dogs were painted.

Stone killers

Inspired by Keeper40's first rate paintjob on the [url=]Fenris Foo Dogs[/url] I decided to have a go myself.

Ruined Foo Dogs

Just posted pics of these status from Fenris Games that I just finished painting, but I don't want to repeat myself too much, so here is the link to the post I made on CheddarChat:

[url=]Foo Dogs on Cheddar Chat[/url]


The Fast and the Heavy

Remembered to bring the pen drive in today!

Ogres!!!! Run!!!! Forget the ball, you idiot!!!

Well, I have finally got around to taking a photo of one of my Blood Bowl teams, prompted by snailracer (thank you, sir!) :)

Only a basic paintjob, but most servicable for playing Blood Bowl!


Yay Photography!

So, I think I found the best light for miniatures photography! An overcast day! Wow, no shadows...

Anyway, I was able to take my camera rig outside and take these pictures. Some new, some old:


Stayed up late to take some photos. Then my Pen drive refused to save the photos and I had to spend 20mins trying various things till it decided it wanted to save the photos....

Painting Skeletons

        This is a quick way to paint Skeletons. The method is based on an article on painting skeletons by Mike McVey in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition Rulebook.

        You'll find that being able to paint bones and skulls will prove useful even if you don't generally paint fantasy figures. Many Sci-fi figures feature bones and skulls too.

Step 1. Take your figure and remove any mould lines or flash. This is important since the following painting method will really show up mould lines. I find a round needle file the best tool for this job.

How to paint Mummies the Uncle Phil Way.

        Using this method you can easily turn out one or more figures in little over an hour.


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