Finally opened an account

Well I've made it onto Cheddarmongers, and have posted some pics of my minis.


Into the stripping jar

This week's workbench is pretty full. Maybe I'll take a pic tomorrow... I finished Heresy Miniatures Skunk, but had a problem with Dullcote -- I just couldn't kill the shine! I finally got him matte enough for pictures. I also finished the Earthdawn Inebriated Troll I've had in my collection for years. He came out pretty cool, and is quite the partner for the Grenadier Ogress.


Genestealers and Hormagaunts

Since my attempt at a classic Genestealer colour scheme went rather well I decided to paint up the rest of my old style genestealers. Started tuesday night, had a night of painting wednesday and finished them friday night, so made good progress.
Of course, this meant I had to work on my new style genestealers, and since a friend of mine doesn't like Genestealers but loves Hormagaunts these were the next choice when I finished the genestealers.
So, new stuff up, and for once it is all in the same album.

So many miniatures... little time. You know how it goes.


Finally, some new pictures posted!

As promised, here's some pictures of my newest stuff:

Medics and Mexicans

Some new photos up! This is a fairly diverse selection spread over several albums so I suggest you use the link below to find them

The Easter Workbench, now with a picture!

I had a fairly productive week, with three miniatures in the wings waiting for their photo shoots. I think I'll also photograph more of my Warmachine stuff, as it looks fairly cool. It is definately painted to a tabletop standard, but pretty cohesive. I'm just debating whether to start gaming with them again, or if I should sell them off.

But I digress...


Vermis' sculpting list.

Stuff I want or plan to sculpt, in rough order of priority for each scale, if anyone's interested. If you are, seek help.

Hasslefree Road Shark (WIP)
Heresy Robodog (WIP)

Workbench for March 16

I spent a whole lot of time this week mucking with the website rather than painting, but I really think it was worth the sacrifice! The site finally works, better than I thought possible. Enjoy!

Welcome to the new server!

The server move is complete! I'm so happy with the performance of the new site that I just updated the DNS to point the domain to the new server, and that's that! Cheddartest will now be used to test software updates, etc. Enjoy! Comments and feedback are always welcome.



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