Incoming -- new web server!!

Standby, and get your seatbelts ready! I found a new web host, and my site runs much much faster on it!

As the rain comes down the pictures go up.

The south-east is currently being hit by a very nasty storm, with winds of up to 80mph predicted.

Workbench for March 9, 2008

My paint jobs have been spending more time in the stripping jar than on the painting stand these days... a few of these have been started and stripped repeatedly.


Ahoy, Hoy?

Well, first of all an apology for the delay in posting another item on this blog - I have been rather consumed with real life, rather than attending to the labours of my hobbies. In addition to which, I have begun a Blood Bowl league at work and this has rather consumed a considerable amount of my hobby time - but some team photos should be forthcoming in the next few weeks (I hope!).

Mermaids and Marines

I've not been totally happy with my photography recently so last night I changed the exposure compensation on my camera back to +0.7 and tried using the custom White balance mode rather than the automatic setting. On the D40 this involves jumping to a setting in the menu and simply taking a calibration shot of a white (or grey) piece of paper under the lighting you intend to use.

I think the results speak for themselves!

Of Wanton Women and Marines.

Bit of a minor landmark this weekend!

Avast Behind!, it's just these trousers.

Bit of a landmark this weekend since I've finished painting all of my pirates, even the two that came wednesday with the Legends of the High Seas book!

Femme Fatale Workbench!

Here's my WIP entries for the Wyrd Games Femme Fatale painting contest. Ugh, it is just too cold outside to spray-prime these, so I've brush primed them.


Cheddar Chat

The return of Cheddar Chat! Some of us have been missing the Custom Hobby forum, so here's another place for casual discussion about gaming and hobby related stuff.


Project Z and Heroquest

As some of you may have noticed, bit of a gap on uploads recently. This would have been ended sooner, but ironically for someone who has just written an article on photography, I didn't like the photos I took. I actually scrapped two loads. Then it was a lack of time to upload and caption the photos.


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