Happy Birthday!

So, I had a fun birthday; got an amazing present from my wife... got a new camera! And this is related to gaming...???


Notes on Epoxy Putty

On some forums I regularly see members who are curious about learning to sculpt and the materials needed, particularly epoxy putty. Having had some experience with different types of putty, I usually pipe up, and usually with the same long description; so I decided to post it all here

Like a hole in the head. And... a head.

Let's see how this blog thing goes. Ta for the space, Big Cheese!


League of Extraordinary Weirdos

Well, I've been bitten by the Blood Bowl bug once again.


Mars Attacks!!!

As I probably mentioned in a previous blog entry (I don't remember so clearly these days!), I have recently been working on a [url=]Cephalod Soldier[/url] which I bought from [url=]Black Hat Miniatures[/url] a little while ago.


10mm Scale Farm

The latest offering from my painting table is a 10mm Farm with Tower. Well, I say Farm, but I am not sure if this is a farm, or a wizards tower, or an inn, or quite what it is!! I picked it up cheap in my local gaming store and its marked 15/15 on the base. It also seems to have been cast out of something a little harder and less brittle than plaster-of-paris and the material is the same sort of colour as Citadel Bronzed Flesh. But that is all I know!


Not Every End Is The Goal

After soliciting some feedback on the [url=]Custom Hobby Forum[/url] and the [url=]Forum of Doom[/url] the first time I finished my HF Tiriel as a Dark Elf, I have finally, in the last week or so, got back to her to make (most) of the improvements suggested.


Finally - some painting time!!!

So, The Big Cheese was complaining that not enough people contribute regularly on here, so I thought I'd make a blog entry - who knows? If you're all unlucky, I might even keep it up!! }:)


New Year Uploads

Been a bit of a poor christmas and new year for me, which means not a lot got painted and it has taken me sometime to photograph what I did paint, but here at last are some new uploads.


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