Drop Dead and Gorgeous

Just a couple of uploads today.

Firstly we have some more Old Town Girls, including someone for the more specialised market.

Le Flic

Bit of a police theme to this latest set of uploads, since we have a riot squad and a Black Ops Team added to the Street People Album. Just to keep them company we have a French Maid, who in true mini tradition is heavily armed.

Another squad of Tactical Marines takes the field in the Imperium Album, this one with a Missile Launcher that is a little out of the ordinary.

And a pair of Raveners join the Tyranid Horde.


Daemon Monday

...or it seems like it. Been an odd day so far!

Finished Painting some figures last week but just didn't have time or energy to photograph them, so now added...

Auto Paths test 3

Okay, I think I got it. Blog entries will automatically have cool paths generated. So there.

Auto Paths!

I'm trying a new setting on the site, "pathauto." This automatically creates friently paths to posts, blog entries, etc. Let's see how it works!

Skaven with Scrolls

Just the one picture today, and not really on a Halloween theme (unless you really don't like Rats!)

Skaven figure I received Monday evening, and before I knew it he was painted.

Spooky Uploads.

I hadn't intended so many of todays uploads to have a Halloween theme but it just worked out that way. Or did it? Can it be chance that Lordi and "Teenage Frankenstein" were playing on the iPod when I was finishing off Big Mummy?

I've added some more mummies.

Finished the ghostly warrior that was up as a WIP and even found time to paint him a mate.

Painted a caveman that I think turned out rather nicely. I particularly like his club. While walking in Canada recently I was remined that most treebark is closer to grey than brown.

Four more

Just four photos today.


Friday Uploads

Yet more uploads!

Today we have another Mummy, this time from the Italian company of Mirliton.

We have a minor conversion of Hasslefree's Narg the Executioner.

..and there's more.

Noticed when I was uploading photos that my Ship's Cook seemed to have escaped the photo shoot. A brief search and a successful initiative roll revealed that he had fallen under a lamp. While I was at it I decided to take a few more shots.

Shots include a vintage Inquisitor in Terminator armour (which I didn't paint!), vintage Skaven Doomwheel (I painted the pilot), a joke shot of the Red Maw and some White Company shots bring the Rank and File together with their new Officers.


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