Aaaaah -that is soo much better!

While I've been doing lots of painting recently I've been less than happy with the photographs I've been taking. An odd consequence of this was that the work area was begining to pile up with finished models awaiting a decent photo to be taken!

Some October painting...

Here's my workbench as of last night. I've resumed work on some stuff, getting it a bit closer to completion!

[img_assist|nid=981|title=Week of October 14, 2007|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=400|height=348]

Here we see Fatgoblin's fantasy football Chaos Dwarfs; I'm still trying to decide what team colors to use for them. Also, a couple of Mike "Carcharoth" Thorpe creations, a special sculpt of a female ball player, and the enigmatic Fubarnii Knight, which I really need to finish!! Finally up, a Foundry dwarf pirate. I think he's done; just working on his base.


New stuff, rubbish photos

Been on a bit of a roll, painting-wise, which ironically means I have less time to actually photograph stuff.

Fresh Uploads

Odd, my previous blogg seems to have mutated into a Yorkshire Dialect!

As promised, now the crazyness of last week is past some new pictures.

On the way, but not quite yet.

Good news is that I'm on a bit of a painting binge, and completed two units last night (or thought I did, more in a moment). I also have a new light tent to play with and have already taken some more shots of Wilf. Will be playing around with the lighting to see what works best for the tent.

Bad news is that things are going to get crazy over the next couple of days at work so I'm not expecting to be able to upload anything this week.

Improved Snipe and ghost WIP

I've uploaded a new picture of Snipe with a touch up paint job and deleted the old one (rather embarisinly someone had voted for it!). There are still a few minor details on Snipe to attend to but I don't expect him to look that different to what he does now.

Also up temporarilly are some Work In Progress shots of my attempt at a ghostly warrior. Will take these down when he is finished


Skaven and Skateboards

These are some more of the models I worked on this weekend that weren't quite ready for photographing yesterday.

Lots of stuff on this week's workbench!

Some old stuff, lots of new stuff, this is another eclectic collection of things to paint.

[img_assist|nid=966|title=Week of September 9, 2007|desc=|link=popup|width=400|height=306]

In various states of completion, we see Heresy Fallen One, Ellie Mental, the Muller Witch, the Privateer Press Trollkin Mercenary, and the Frother's Colonel Marbles.


Painting Again

Sufficiently recovered from the holiday, back to work and the cold I got to start painting again.

Post BC Update

As promised, some photos of the figures I worked on before my holiday in BC.


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