Wasteland Wagon and Glowing One.

For Fallout 3 fans, a Glowing One.


A friend of mine sent me a link to a book on modelling techniques. In this book the author mentions a (doubtless expensive or rare) product that can be used to create mud effects on vehicles.

This Corrosion... Simple Rust Effects on Models.

There are many ways to do rust effects on a model. Some rely on special products. Some use hairspray, salt, ground pigments, make-up powder and so on.

Ork Dreadnought

Last day of my week off, so I spent it finishing this figure off.

Airfix Land Rover

I recently noticed that Airfix make a kit with a pair of 1/48th scale Land Rover 110s. A "Snatch" and a "WMIK".

Crazy Chariot

Years (decades?) ago I came across Warhammer 3rd Edition rules. Many novel and sometimes eccentric ideas inspired me to think about the idea of a chariot pulled by centaurs.

Korgoth and Rusty Cap.

Both of today's postings have a post-apocalyptic theme, although not one that is immediately obvious for either.

Ring My Bell!

My recent paint job of a Big Daddy-style figure inspired me to attempt to paint something else brazen b

Big Daddy and Brother Vinni

        I recently came across a sculptor from Slovakia called Brother Vinni.

Italian Knights in 1/72nd Scale

        A friend of mine noted my recent attempts at [url=][b]painting other

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