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Workbench of May 4, 2008

Still focusing on Black Scorpion and Reaper miniatures, I got a couple of things done already. When I get their bases in order, I'll go ahead and send in pictures for the Golden Chef!


Workbench for April 27

Here's today's workbench -- I had quite a turnover lately, and turned my focus on finishing a couple of favorites on my workbench, and getting ready for the upcoming Black Scorpion contest...

[img_assist|nid=1232|title=Week of April 27, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=180]

On the workbench, we see some Black Scorpion figures; injun gal, cow gal, pirate, and intrepid woman. Also up, I'm finishing the Heresy Succubi, the Bungle Scunners, and Spyglass Kage Dar.


Where's CheddarChat??

Okay -- here's the scoop.

I just found out that the Simplemachines Forum/Drupal integration module actually violates the SMF license, so I disabled it.

The site has been upgraded...

After several failed attempts, I upgraded the code of this site, as the version I was using was woefully old.

Lock up your Witches!

Rooting out evil in the blighted city of Mordheim, or wherever else it may dwell, the Witch Hunters will fervently pursue witches and unbelievers to the ends of the world.

Yay Photography!

So, I think I found the best light for miniatures photography! An overcast day! Wow, no shadows...

Anyway, I was able to take my camera rig outside and take these pictures. Some new, some old:

Into the stripping jar

This week's workbench is pretty full. Maybe I'll take a pic tomorrow... I finished Heresy Miniatures Skunk, but had a problem with Dullcote -- I just couldn't kill the shine! I finally got him matte enough for pictures. I also finished the Earthdawn Inebriated Troll I've had in my collection for years. He came out pretty cool, and is quite the partner for the Grenadier Ogress.


So many miniatures... little time. You know how it goes.


Finally, some new pictures posted!

As promised, here's some pictures of my newest stuff:

The Easter Workbench, now with a picture!

I had a fairly productive week, with three miniatures in the wings waiting for their photo shoots. I think I'll also photograph more of my Warmachine stuff, as it looks fairly cool. It is definately painted to a tabletop standard, but pretty cohesive. I'm just debating whether to start gaming with them again, or if I should sell them off.

But I digress...



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