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Workbench for March 16

I spent a whole lot of time this week mucking with the website rather than painting, but I really think it was worth the sacrifice! The site finally works, better than I thought possible. Enjoy!

Welcome to the new server!

The server move is complete! I'm so happy with the performance of the new site that I just updated the DNS to point the domain to the new server, and that's that! Cheddartest will now be used to test software updates, etc. Enjoy! Comments and feedback are always welcome.


Incoming -- new web server!!

Standby, and get your seatbelts ready! I found a new web host, and my site runs much much faster on it!

Workbench for March 9, 2008

My paint jobs have been spending more time in the stripping jar than on the painting stand these days... a few of these have been started and stripped repeatedly.


Femme Fatale Workbench!

Here's my WIP entries for the Wyrd Games Femme Fatale painting contest. Ugh, it is just too cold outside to spray-prime these, so I've brush primed them.


Cheddar Chat

The return of Cheddar Chat! Some of us have been missing the Custom Hobby forum, so here's another place for casual discussion about gaming and hobby related stuff.


Happy Birthday!

So, I had a fun birthday; got an amazing present from my wife... got a new camera! And this is related to gaming...???


Happy New Year! Happy Workbench!

Well, it has been an eventful few months. I've had a bunch of things on the workbench that just weren't working out. Well, I got the Col. Marbles, Ellie, and the Dwarf Pirate all done, as well as a surprise (once I get some initiative to get my photo rig all set up).

Here's what's currently on the workbench:

[img_assist|nid=1019|title=January 2, 2008|desc=|link=popup|align=center|width=400|height=243]

We see here the original Heresy Fallen One, Fatgoblin's Chaos Dwarfs, and a festive bunny fellow.


Website Update -- tags!

I tried out the "tags" plugin on a test gallery, and it looks good. Really good. It is way easier to manage and maintain than Keywords, and in fact, I think they're planning to phase out Keywords in future versions of the gallery in favor of tags.

It does a similar thing, sort pictures into groups based on the tags, but it has the added benefits of easier (and bulk!!) updating.

I'll use both for now, because there may be folks out there using keyword albums, but I'll be able to import all of the keywords into tags.

How to sculpt rag wrappings.

Swiped from [url=]The Forum of Doom[/url]
[quote="Lost Boy"]


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