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Dynamic albums -- keyword, recent, most popular and best rated albums!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make dynamic albums based on keywords or other aspects of the pictures in the gallery! Using this feature, you can create dynamic galleries containing specific keywords, or you can pull up the most recent, most popular, or highest rated pictures!

Using keywords in the gallery!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make use of the keywords to create custom dymanic albums!

Gallery Upgrade!

I'm copying down the website in order to create a good backup of it, then I'm going to upgrade the gallery from version 2.1.2 to version 2.2.2! There will be lots of new features to explore, including dynamic albums (woohoo!!) so stay tuned.

Nothing better to do?

Actually, plenty of more important things going on, but I needed to take a break, so I've updated my site a bit.

Firstly, I've finally added the following to my gallery:

Mini Photography -- Selecting a Camera

We've got the competitive market on our side for choosing cameras nowadays, so here's some things to look for when buying a camera for miniature photography:

What I did at Paint Club

Well, not exactly, but I did go to the painting club meeting at The Source today. It wasn't very popular; there was no reminder sent, so I guess folks forgot. I made a tiny bit of progress there. Here's this week's workbench:

[img_assist|nid=327|title=Week of July 8, 2007|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=400|height=311]

Front row center, we see the incredible resin Heresy Thrud statue; the latest for my Thrud collection. I spent most of today's paint club priming this piece; next time, I'm just spray priming these resin pieces. What a pain.


We're on a roll now!

Well, I finally have a new painting table and found my camera! I have a couple of new pictures up in the gallery:


It's Blog, it's Blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's words...

I'm thinking of disabling the "create web page" feature for general use for a few reasons:

Top Ten Signs You Just Met the Main Bad Guy

A little humor to start the day!
[*]Your assassin just wet his pants.
[*]The ancient red dragon you had just been fighting says "Shit! I'm out of here!" and flies away.

Gallery Update, on its way!

So, the new version of the Gallery software includes several highly desireable features, so I'm gonna update the test site and see if I can update the real site without breaking it. Wish me luck!


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