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Godri's Christmas (G)Rumble

We decided to hold a fun Blood Bowl tournament over the christmas break, hosted by one of our dwarf teams. It was designed to be a bit of fun so was limited to 5 turn halves and had a few special rules; the weather table was changed to 1-2 Nice, 3-4 Pouring rain, 5-6, Blizzard and every team had a henikon babe to revive KO'd player 3-6 The Henikon revives the player and he may return to play as normal, 2 the player remains KO'd, 1 totally inebriated, the player is out for the rest of the game.


Lymington Blood Bowl League Cup

Well its been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd get back into the swing with a report from our cup weekend.


Orks and BB

Well I've had a bad couple of weeks but this weekend has certainly cheered me up. I'm unable to paint owing to my hand still being bandaged but hopefully that will change when the stitches come out on wednesday. I don't think missing the top of my litle finger will have much affect on my painting so it's not too bad.


Blood Bowl: Humans vs Ogres

Another game of Blood Bowl :)


Another Blood Bowl game

Thought I'd add my match report:


Works in progress

Well here are the next two pieces on my list to finish :)

The first is a 'squirrel' that I found as a present for my girlfriend as she is obsessed with Scrat from Ice Age.


A little bit of painting

Found myself with the afternoon off so I sat down to try and get a bit further with my Golden Chef entry.


A Blood Bowl weekend

Saturday saw the next round of league games in the Lymington Blood Bowl League.


Finally opened an account

Well I've made it onto Cheddarmongers, and have posted some pics of my minis.


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