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Happy 'Nid Year

Given that we are just over the festival of gluttony I guess its appropriate that the latest upload is a bunch of Tyranids.

We have some interesting vintage metal Warriors

Loadsa Marines (and an Elf)

Been about two weeks since my last upload, not because I've not been painting, but because I've been working on so much I've not had time to clear the table to take photos. Table has become so full of finished models I had to photograph them now or run out of room to paint. Hence I end up photographing and uploading on christmas morning.

A quick Elf crossbowman

A Vindicare Assassin

A vintage figure painted as a Renegade

An elderly but powerful Librarian

Jesters and Wizards

I've finished my Death Jesters, including a conversion with Missile launcher as Keeper40 suggested.


Reclusiam Command Squad

Marine uploads today.

We have a Reclusiam Command Squad


complete with Cenobyte Servitors


and Standard Bearer


Serious Girl Power!

Some serious girl power represented in today's upload.

Firstly we have some Nuns with Guns


..and a Nun is a less aggressive mood


and some Eldar Banshees

Archers, Gladiators and Death Jesters

Another varied band!

Firstly, some Harlequin Death Jesters


Judges, Greenskins and Solitaire

Quick upload tonight.

Firstly a new selection of GW Judges, including a Judge with bike

some Orcs

Monday night uploadiness

A varied mix of stuff tonight.


A savage orc and black orc

Some Street People

and another Ghoul shot

Painting Ghouls

[url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/drybrush][b]Drybrushing[/b][/url] plays a big part in getting these guys painted.

Look at my Ghoulies!

Sometimes, although you have a big stack of stuff part painted on the table, something just cries out for you to paint it. Sometimes it is still in the packaging or in the undercoated box. So all of a sudden I finally decided how I wanted to paint my Ghouls.

So, in time for Halloween, the Ghouls


Most of these are the excellent Heresy figures, with a trio of Games Workshop figures.


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