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Black Orcs, Big Dog and Cute Judge

Finishing the current small batch took a bit longer than I expected, but some of them are done, and as promised, an upload.

Epic ?

Working on quite a large item at the moment, hence the lack of recent uploads.

Daemons, Scouts and Engineers

Some new stuff up.

Over in the Chaos Album I've added some of the new Heresy Daemon figures ("Blights") and I've painted up a Great Unclean One. The latter actually took less than a day!

Something Old, Something New......

I've taken some more Malal Cult pictures

some new Alien photos

and added an Infantry Gun to the German Army

Is Grey Better?

Some new photos up, and notable because they are the first I've tried taking by setting the White Balance using a specially designed Grey Card. I quite like the way they look. I've not used any software on these other than to crop the pictures.

New additions to the Malal Cult in the Chaos album, including a Heresy Familiar

Some more Germans added to the German Army

Whole bunch of new Gladiator photos

and some Ninja

Spyglass Zombies

Still tweaking the settings of my returned camera. Just completed the new German Army Zombies just released by Spyglass


Back in Action

As you may be able to deduce, my camera is back from repair, and I even gained an extra battery from the process! Have to reprogram a few of the settings, so current photos are a little below parr, but the good news is that there are lots of them.

I have a new album called Gladiators and a few more images should be going up there soon.

In Street People we have Mr Jingles.

In the German Army album there are some new photos including four vehicles.

In the Chaos album there are some new additions to the Malal cult, including the fine figures from Hasslefree.

Normal service will be resumed....?

Good news is that I'm close to finishing another 33 german soldiers, and have some new recruits that will prove interesting (combat engineers, flamethrowers, grenade launchers etc). Also been working on a Hasslefree Alien that is nearly done, and have some ideas for another.

Painting the Germans

I had a surprising amount of trouble finding satisfactory colours to paint my German figures with. For those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation, here is what I settled on. Figures were mainly painted with Coat d'Arms (CdA), Tamiya and Games Workshop (GW) paints, although some Vallejo and MP paints were used too. My thanks to the members of the Forum of Doom who provided suggestions as to suitable paints. The Coat d'Arms German Kit proved very useful.


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