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The Fast and the Heavy

Remembered to bring the pen drive in today!


Stayed up late to take some photos. Then my Pen drive refused to save the photos and I had to spend 20mins trying various things till it decided it wanted to save the photos....

Painting Skeletons

        This is a quick way to paint Skeletons. The method is based on an article on painting skeletons by Mike McVey in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition Rulebook.

        You'll find that being able to paint bones and skulls will prove useful even if you don't generally paint fantasy figures. Many Sci-fi figures feature bones and skulls too.

Step 1. Take your figure and remove any mould lines or flash. This is important since the following painting method will really show up mould lines. I find a round needle file the best tool for this job.

How to paint Mummies the Uncle Phil Way.

        Using this method you can easily turn out one or more figures in little over an hour.

Genestealers and Hormagaunts

Since my attempt at a classic Genestealer colour scheme went rather well I decided to paint up the rest of my old style genestealers. Started tuesday night, had a night of painting wednesday and finished them friday night, so made good progress.
Of course, this meant I had to work on my new style genestealers, and since a friend of mine doesn't like Genestealers but loves Hormagaunts these were the next choice when I finished the genestealers.
So, new stuff up, and for once it is all in the same album.

Medics and Mexicans

Some new photos up! This is a fairly diverse selection spread over several albums so I suggest you use the link below to find them


As the rain comes down the pictures go up.

The south-east is currently being hit by a very nasty storm, with winds of up to 80mph predicted.

Mermaids and Marines

I've not been totally happy with my photography recently so last night I changed the exposure compensation on my camera back to +0.7 and tried using the custom White balance mode rather than the automatic setting. On the D40 this involves jumping to a setting in the menu and simply taking a calibration shot of a white (or grey) piece of paper under the lighting you intend to use.

I think the results speak for themselves!

Of Wanton Women and Marines.

Bit of a minor landmark this weekend!

Avast Behind!

...no, it's just these trousers.

Bit of a landmark this weekend since I've finished painting all of my pirates, even the two that came wednesday with the Legends of the High Seas book!


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