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Project Z and Heroquest

As some of you may have noticed, bit of a gap on uploads recently. This would have been ended sooner, but ironically for someone who has just written an article on photography, I didn't like the photos I took. I actually scrapped two loads. Then it was a lack of time to upload and caption the photos.

New Year Uploads

Been a bit of a poor christmas and new year for me, which means not a lot got painted and it has taken me sometime to photograph what I did paint, but here at last are some new uploads.

Cops, Punks, Fattie and Suzis

Had a few days off work, and it has to be admitted I did not do that much painting -but I did do some!

Latest updates on this link

Sacred Hope and Cammo dudes.

"The most honoured Marines in the Kren Chapter are the Company of the Sacred Hope. This unit specializes in Spaceship Boarding Actions and Fortress Assaults and wears a distinctive colour scheme known as "Blood and Iron", which is also the Company Motto.
To suit their specialist role the Sacred Hope marines use non-standard varieties of equipment and armour, some of it of great age.

Suzi and the Missionary

Been an interesting and eventful week but I've managed to finish a couple more figures.

Gnoll and Ogre added to the Chaos Album

As above. Will add more to this later

Boiling Fimo and Missing Paint

As some of you may know, my oven is not working, which caused me to look to see if there were other ways to cure Fimo. I was successful and the details can be found [url=http://heresyminiatures.com/forumofdoom/index.php?topic=6962.0]here[/url].

Drop Dead and Gorgeous

Just a couple of uploads today.

Firstly we have some more Old Town Girls, including someone for the more specialised market.

Le Flic

Bit of a police theme to this latest set of uploads, since we have a riot squad and a Black Ops Team added to the Street People Album. Just to keep them company we have a French Maid, who in true mini tradition is heavily armed.

Another squad of Tactical Marines takes the field in the Imperium Album, this one with a Missile Launcher that is a little out of the ordinary.

And a pair of Raveners join the Tyranid Horde.



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