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Improved Snipe and ghost WIP

I've uploaded a new picture of Snipe with a touch up paint job and deleted the old one (rather embarisinly someone had voted for it!). There are still a few minor details on Snipe to attend to but I don't expect him to look that different to what he does now.

Also up temporarilly are some Work In Progress shots of my attempt at a ghostly warrior. Will take these down when he is finished


Skaven and Skateboards

These are some more of the models I worked on this weekend that weren't quite ready for photographing yesterday.

Painting Again

Sufficiently recovered from the holiday, back to work and the cold I got to start painting again.

Post BC Update

As promised, some photos of the figures I worked on before my holiday in BC.

Back from BC

Just a quick note to tell the Cheddarverse that I'm back.


Last Upload before my Holiday

As promised, some better photos of yesterday's models and I've deleted the ones from yesterday that I didn't like.

New photos, as promised

Good news is that I've put some photos up as promised. These may be found in the Imperium album and the Empire album, or use the new dynamic features just to see new stuff.

Photos this weekend

Been a while since I've updated for the simple reason I've done no painting for the last couple of days, and not got around to photographing any of the previously unphotographed stuff.


Silver Shields Arrive

Photos of Assault Marines from the Silver Shields Lodge of the Kren Chapter now up at the end of the Imperium Album.



Golden chef

NO Updates today. I did take some photos last night but have decided to do some fine tuning on the painting before I put these figures up. This is the downside of a better camera! Every little stray paint blob shows up!

Golden Chef results are out


and my figure got a "just missed" result, which I'm actually very pleased with given all the disasters that occured with this.



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