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New Copperhead and Marines

Finished off some marine figures last night, so another chance to play with the new camera!

Added today:-

Camera Woo-hoo and the Saga of Cop Girl

Not surprisinly I spent part of this weekend playing with the new camera.


camera woes part two

Dug out the paperwork for my camera last night and sure enough I brought it just over 13 months ago, so that it has broken down just as the warranty wore out. One day I may find out how they manage to do that with such accuracy!

Slipped away from work today and went down the camera shop. Yes there is something wrong, and it will cost nearly as much as I paid for the camera to repair it.

As if any further excuse were needed I invested in a Digital SLR and tripod. A Nikon D40 for those of you that know about such things.


Camera Woes

Well, some experimenting last night proved that there is something wrong with my camera. Just in time for my Golden Chef entry!

New stuff finally up

Not been doing a lot of painting recently, and even less photography, but since the Golden Chef deadline is coming up I thought it may be time to have a go at photographing my entry.

On the Blogg.

Well, I said I'd never have a blogg, so that is another vow out the window!


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