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Wildfire Walker

A change of subject from my last upload, but also long legged and deadly!

All I wanted was a long-legged bird....

Some time ago I came across a [url=http://stevepugh.net/VTT/images/birds.jpg]photo of some Phorusrhacid birds[/url] on the website of Steve Pugh. I particularly liked the one on the left but was soon to discover that HLBC no longer produced these. Another company had taken up some of their prehistoric range, but not the long-legged Phorusrhacid.

Warp Spiders and Tech Priest

This weekend's painting was a squad of Warp Spiders and a Tech Priest.

The Faceless Horror

When I saw this beastie I knew it would paint up well with [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/painting_quick_and_la... colour undercoat technique[/b][/url]. Actual painting was less than a day.

The Spawn

He had had his abilities fail before, but this time was different. Drawing power from the “other place” was different this time. Usually he was like a child dipping his toe in an ocean. This time it was like a wave had surged and soaked him. His senses were fighting to process things they had never evolved to perceive. On the psychic plane some new presence had bubbled up. Lilac with rage and tasting of bile and sewer water. It had manifested close by. And it was aware of him. Somehow they were connected. His use of powers had brought it here. There, to the right! A stone’s throw away.

Dreads', Vampire Hunters, Outlaws and Pantorzilla.

I finished painting the Dreadnought before I finished the [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/pic/uncle+phil/dwarfs/][b]Dwarfs[/b][... but had put off photographing it.


I think the thing that has most bothered me about this winter is the lack of light. I prefer to paint using natural light and this time of year this means I can only paint at weekends and then only for a few hours if it is not too overcast. Despite that over the last six weekends I have been able of paint a force of dwarfs, the majority of them from the Battle of Skull Pass boxset.

All can be seen in the new album:-

Painting Eyes, Flesh and Lips.

I have been known to comment that some vehicle modellers can perfectly weather a tank but are let down by the figures they place in a diorama with it. Their figures look like lifeless mannequins with thousand yard stares.

The Clown and the Nail Brushes

Today I am posting up the last of my Devil's Reject figures by Gringo40 miniatures. Captain Spaulding as a clown.

Otis and Tiny

I made some minor tweaks to the Devil's Reject trio. I also finished two more figures from the same company. One is another member of the Devil's Rejects, the other a figure based (loosely) on the owner of the company. I chose to paint this with an Amerindian flavour.


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