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Big Daddy and Brother Vinni

        I recently came across a sculptor from Slovakia called [url=http://www.brother-vinni.com/index_eng.htm][b]Brother Vinni[/b][/url]. One of the figures that caught my eye was this figure, obviously inspired by the first and second Bio-shock games.

Italian Knights in 1/72nd Scale

        A friend of mine noted my recent attempts at [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/painting_larger_scales_-_cowboys][b]painting other scales with interest[/b][/url]. A few days later he turned up with a big bag of 1/72nd scale medieval figures by a company called “MiniArt”. Some time ago I got sent Wargames Foundry’s book of medieval rules so for added novelty I decided to mount multiple figures on a single base, as suggested in those rules.

Cassie Hack finds her Vlad.

When I posted my version of Cassie Hack based on a Necromunda figure I was asked about a version of her loyal companion, Vlad. Pleased to say I found a suitable figure and also pleased to that it is also from Necromunda.

Some greenstuff, weapon swaps and we have...

Painting Larger Scales - the Cowboys.

        I get to see many very nice model vehicles, many of them in 1/35th scale. While many of these are very detailed it is often the figures that are with them that let them down. It seems some modellers can perfectly weather a vehicle but paint figures that end up looking like lifeless mannequins with thousand yard stares.


I started painting these guys years back but lost momentum. Matters were not helped by the fact that the sprues with weapons found their way into a different box which delayed me finishing their assembly. Finally got around to bringing all the pieces together and finishing them.

Let the Galaxy Fester!

Came across a box of Death Guard so they were the next to be painted. First colours went onto these the night before last. Armour is mainly painted with Japanese Uniform Yellow and Russian Uniform Green. Tamiya and Vallejo Smoke and Tamiya Clear Red contributed to the wet and slimy look of them! Certain areas of armour were made rusty but the simple trick of painting it Vermin Brown and then brushing with MP Chainmail.

Berserkers of Khorne Unleashed

Someone I know has been painting some chaos marines so it started me wondering how quickly I could paint up a unit I had assembled some time back. I started undercoating them Wednesday night and put the final touches to them Monday morning. That is not bad considering I lost a day due to a migraine.

Gimps, Raincoats and Short Order Trouble

Woke up a few hours early the other day, and in about three hours turned out the little guy with the chainsaw and the gimp with the flamethrower. Also finished off the three guys in raincoats I had started the night before. All figures done with [b][url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/painting_quick_and_lazy_uncle_phil_way]three colour undercoating[/url][/b]

Ogres and Tyranid

Found this guy lurking in a box. It was a chance to try painting a Tyranid using [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/painting_quick_and_lazy_uncle_phil_way]triple undercoat[/url].


Had a doctor's appointment yesterday so began pottering with a figure I had prepared with [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/painting_quick_and_lazy_uncle_phil_way][b]three colour undercoating[/b][/url]. Much to my surprise he was finished in just about two hours!


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