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The Redemption is here!

Been a while, but here is the latest project finally finished.

A whole album of redemptionists at

Chaos Spawn and Customs

Some Chaos spawn and customs people -quite a combination!

Barbarian and Dreadnought

Warriors of Chaos, Big Boris and Fimir

A Fimir Noble and Dirach

Cops, Marines, Planes and Towers

Some more uploads

Some cops

From out of the Mists....

Painted some Fimir, both Heroquest figures and the new "Bog Raiders" from Bloodmoon

Beasts and Marines

"Paint the other werewolf" my girlfriend told me, so I did


some more necromundans

Wyrd and Mutated.

Some new images.

Some Necromundan Wyrds


A cute chick figure -can't remember who this is by?

An unusual Skaven

Uploading again at last!



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