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Painting Classic Genestealers.

        I've always had a problem working out exactly what paints to use to paint "Old-style" Genestealers. I could see what colours weren't right, but never which ones were right. This is my first serious attempt to get colours I'm happy with.


Sculpting Tools.

        Even if you have no interest in sculpting your own figures there will be times when you need to reach for the modelling putty. You may have thought of an interesting conversion, or you may just need to fill in some gaps. Working with putty is much easier if you have some tools, so here are some thoughts on the topic.

Black Inking Models.

        Some time ago I was talking to someone in a shop who was planning to take up figure painting. I mentioned Black Inking as a useful technique and he admitted he didn’t know what it was. Looking at some photos of figures a friend of mine did it was obvious he had not Black Inked them. Seems there are quite a few model painters out there that do not Black Ink their models. This is rather a shame since Black Inking is a very effective but simple technique to add to your repertory.

Violator, the Dammed, the Evil and Judges

Remembered to grey balance my photos this time!

Finished a second batch of my Legion of the Dammed


A very evil sorcerer


Some Mega City Riot Judges


Painting The Legion of the Dammed.

The new GW Legion of the Dammed figures are really nice! Some nice details and some good poses too!
Here is how I went about painting mine.


In spirit, the Genestealers are closest to Ridley Scott’s Aliens. Physically, however, the metal Hormagaunts are a better match. When a friend gave me some metal Hormagaunts I decided to do something a bit different with them rather than painting them up as part of my existing tyranid swarm.
The painting regimen I used was based on one I found here


Big upload today

Been a bit busy with various things recently, as some of you know. Not had much time for photography but still been painting, so quite a backlog has built up.

A Fantasy Zoat

Mixed Bag before Christmas.

Got so much stuff painted recently that I had to take some photos to clear room on my painting table.
WH40K Victorians
Heresy Albino Cyclops

Shh, don't tell her

Couple of this tonight.

First, we have a few more Norse Dwarves


and we have some Girl power in the shape of some female Gladiators



Something a little different for this posting.


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