The Cheese Exchange

Whatcha got? Whatcha want? Post wants and trades here!


[s]Redemptionist Zealot with Massive Axe[/s] got a couple, one will be joining my Witchhunter army soon.

[s]Leman Russ Plasma Cannon sponsors[/s] got some-installed on vehicle, photos up soon.

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Help Out a Disabled TYranid, guv'n?

Does anyone have a Left Hand Tyranid Warrior Large Size Scything Talon that they would be willing to part with?

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Flamer wanted

Would anyone have a Dreadnought Flamer they would be willing to part with? I need something just a little more substantial than a infantry flamer.


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Eldar Missile launcher

You may have followed my discussion with Keeper about arming an Eldar Death Jester with a missile launcher. Does anyone have a suitable spare weapon in their bits box that I could have -plastic or metal, old or new design, doesn't really matter.

Keeper was nice enough to send me a dark reaper weapon but it also came with a figure so I can't really split them up -what use is a launcerless reaper?

If anyone is interested, I think I have an extra eldar weapon crewman.


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Cold Ones Wanted

I recently got a job lot of Lizardman pieces that included four or five rather nice mounted Lizardmen figures.

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