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The Cheddar Rules

Please read this agreement; I made a few changes and simplified the legal stuff here.

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pre slotta space figures

thought some of you might be interested

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marine blues

Just got an assorted lot of plastic RT marines, and mixed in with them is a quartet of marines in pale blue.

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C100 marines

Anyone know anything about the C100 marines designed by Bob Naismith? Just found one in a small job lot I brought and stuff of legends identifies it as "Death Squad"

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Choose before the grip of winter sets in

It is getting colder and colder week by week. We got a bit of relief this week as the air temperatures are in the 30's, but soon it will be simply too cold for me to prime miniatures for painting.

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Stuff wanted secition?

How about a "Stuff wanted"/"Stuff Going" billboard, bit like the wishlist be visible to all visitors, not just members?

(yes, I still want the Umpty Candy Card Album and some WH40K robots!)


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Text Starved?

Some really interesting stuff has been going up on CM recently:- beautiful little ships and islands, stargate stuff and some kind of Ultramarine conversion.

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Wanted -cold ones

Got a job lot of lizard man bits the other day. Only problem is that there are some rather nice figures in there but they are all on saddles and intended to be riding Cold Ones. There is a cold one without a head in the collection, but this means I've three or four figures without mounts.

Only a year ago you could just contact GW and they'd sell you a sprue of cold one bits, but in their wisdom they have dropped such useful activities.

Does anyone ahve any cold ones they don't want, or know of a suitable dinosaur/lizard model that would make a credible substitute?

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Big complement for Dragon!

A friend of mine went to look at my latest uploads, then emailed me and said "I suppose you know you've put a picture of a laboratory up?"
Scratching my head I looked on Cheddar and asked

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What's popular and why?

Finally got to play around with the dynamic albums and I noticed there was an option to show the most popular -so I ran my stuff though it and there were a few surprises.

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